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By Anvixiel
#192826 I've spent a large portion of yesterday and today playing Pixelmon (being the first time I've played this, or minecraft at all, in a number of years) and I've had quite a lot of fun.

My only gripe so far, and maybe someone can help with this, is how boring it is with everything in the world being passive. I've had no luck finding servers with pixelmon AND vanilla mobs, both in the same world, and more than just the occasional spider spawner deep underground.

Is there no system, server, or some other multiplayer game mode where the game is more than the passive hunt and grind?
Nintendo does a pretty good job keeping my attention with hordes of zubats trying to kill me in caves that I can't get away from, at least.

I'd settle for punching a zed, and then flamethrower-ing a pidgey above anything else.