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#192786 So, the current number of Pokemon in Pixelmon is 509. The available number of space in a PC is 480 Pokemon, which means if someone wants to catch them all and have them as collection... cant! I brought this up again in the past in an old thread of mine and I've been told that if the number of the Pokemon increase so they wont fit in the PC then the PC space will expand as well, but it didn't happen in the newest version. I know that there is an option in the config to increase the PC space but I want to play Pixelmon with its default original setting, so I prefer to wait for an official PC space expand instead.

By BlueRose
#192794 There is literally an option in the general section of the config that lets you put in how many boxes you want. It defaults to 16 and can be set to any number between 16 and 255 (meaning the max number of pokemon one could have is actually 7650).

Also if you go and edit the config file directly (ie with notepad++) you can bypass the configs range of 16-255. Ive gone down to only 1 box before so i know that works, but i dont know if having more than 255 will break something or not
#192797 I mentioned that actually in my post. I just wanted to know if they will expand the PC space in the next update or not.
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By MrMasochism
#192811 We're looking into an expansion of the pc's capabilities, with that would be a bit of a rework of it's pokemon storage too