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By Teppers
#190095 Hey, I'm running 4.3.0 - 1.8.9 - Beta 9 and everything works great but I'm wondering about move relearners. I have done EXTENSIVE research on this topic (forums, youtube, wiki, google searches galore) and cannot find absolutely anything that helps. I want to teach my Pixelmon old moves that they didn't have when I caught them at a high level. I caught my first ever legendary last night (Lugia) and I want it to have Aeroblast because it's a great skill and its Lugia's signature, ya know? I also want to teach my Tyranitar Crunch, but alas, that is impossible. I'm stuck with using a Special Dark move on Tyranitar and wasting his incredible Attack stat, and I'm stuck with waiting until I get HM Fly to drop for Lugia or going for Sky Attack, but until then I can't even hope to compete with Aeroblast. From everything I read, Move Relearners do not spawn naturally in the wild like Tutors, Traders, and Shopkeepers do. I have turned cheats on and made an NPC editor. Using the NPC editor on the ground does absolutely nothing. Using the NPC editor on an existing NPC like a Shopkeeper or random townsfolk gives me the option to change their type, name, model, or dialogue, but I went through everything (especially type) and couldn't find a way to make them a Move Relearner. I feel like I'm completely out of options. If anyone has any info on how to teach my Pixelmon old moves, please help.

By Teppers
#190112 I will look more into that, thank you. Would the version I'm running (4.3.0 - 1.8.9 - Beta 9) have anything to do with it? If not, then do you have any idea what might be blocking it? I always try to use it with cheats enabled, and I haven't changed any config files yet.
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By Some Body
#190113 Without external mods or plugins, this issue is not present in Beta 9 or Beta 10.

Alternatively, the /teach command exists since you have cheats enabled.