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By SlenderShot4
#189891 Hey im trying to make a fun modpack and im having trouble finding cool mods that can make playing pixelmon more fun and finding mods that dont crash my minecraft when forge loads up the mods. does anyone have any suggestions?
here are the mods i have so far:
Tinker's Construct/mantle
Applied Energetics/extra cells
Vein Miner

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By Souvtorpixel
#189895 if you use the 1.10.2 version, you can use Neat (for health info for entity), BetterPvP (for map and info for any tools (damage & enchant)and object, warning & potion effect info...), and pixelextra (for use in server mode), wondertrade (if you don't have it)

ask me for older version
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By MikaelS11
#189912 I've created a small server where I play with my 9 year old son. I have installed the following mods:

Optifine - for better performance (since he plays on an older laptop)
JourneyMap - for map and waypoints.

I think I installed one or two more, I will check once I get home.