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By OmegaXI5
#189859 Hello Pixelmon community!

So I'll start from here.
I tried to create shopkeeper NPC's by enabling the externalJSON option in pixelmon.hocon
Alright a pixelmon folder got created and I copied a shopkeeper pokemartmain1_en_us.json.
After editing it and adding the name to npc.json under shopkeepers, I created many others too. Finally after restarting, this comes up:-
Hy suggested that I should use a JSONvalidator, which I did however I'm useless when it comes to JSON.

This is my first edit, due to which the server crashes. There's a problem in the second line. So is the same for every shopkeeper file out there, they're having problems in the second line but the server still accepts them.

This is my second edit with minimal changes, just added variation false and a dusk ball.
But the server crashes with this one.

Am I doing something wrong?

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By Some Body
#189860 Traditional JSON standards disallow comment blocks, which is what validators are flagging. However, the JSON parsing used by Pixelmon allows them. Removing the comments won't change any functionality and will allow you to use JSON validators.

Multiple key/value pairs need to be comma-separated, which is the mistake you are making. The JSON validator should catch this once you get rid of comments.