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By Fxotheory
#189836 Hey everyone,

I'm Fxotheory, administrator on a server named Pixelek (French server).
We are currently in 3.5.1 version of Pixelmon.
But we want upgrade it, and install the 4.3 version.

Before do it, i have some questions about it to know witch losses or problem i could have.

So, i know, we will loses all the pokemon, but we got a solution.

My questions are :

About pixelmon items, it is the same ? We will lose it too ?
If yes, someone have a solution to prevent it ?

The ranch block. Did they disappear ?
If yes, we have to delet all of them before change the version ?

Do you think with the new version if we have to upgrade the power of our server, or it don't really change too much ?

Thanks everyone for have read this post and for all your reply.
Sorry for my bad english.

Have a nice day !

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By Rasgnarok
#189837 First, I've moved this topic to the General Discussions because it is not a matter for Development.

Second, you will not lose pokemon, not if you keep your pokemon files located in /mainserverfolder/worldname/pokemon. You could potentially even erase the map, keeping that folder, and then pasting it onto a new world's folder. That would work.

As for blocks, items and ranch blocks, it all depends if the block ID will convert properly. Best bet, is to take a backup and try. Remember to update the forge jar and the minecraft jar as you update from 1.7.10 to 1.8.9. If you have issues, please join our Support team in the Discord - I can even personally help you in French.

Bonne chance!
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By Fxotheory
#189840 Oh ok. Sorry.

Thanks to have reply fast.

I'll try to keep read & reply in English, it's a good training as well.

So, as you said, all depend if the ID of items convert right.
It's random or it issue of bad manipulation ?

And for PNJ, it the same too ?
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By Rasgnarok
#189841 It is mostly a matter of testing it - some objects might not port over, and some might. Best bet, is to backup your world and attempt to update. You'll soon notice if something is wrong.