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By naotan123
#189483 right i have a weird bug when ever i have a respiration helmet on and don't have an item in a specific slot of my inventory it makes the pixelmon bit of the inventory translucent unless i attach an item to my first Pokemon or remove the helmet or have an item in that slot constantly

this is realy annoying as bits of the ui keep fading in to gray and diapering

i am running pixelmon 4,2,7 on minecraft 1.8.9
withe a number of mods on the mods are as follows in this order

item finder 2.1.0
biomes O' plenty 3.0.0
xaero's mini-map 1.8.5
spawn of psyduck 2.1.2
inventory tweaks 1.60
vein miner 1.8.9
evs-ivs 1.8.9-4.1.0
iron chest 1.8.9
optifine 1.8.9

any clarity on this bug would be nice i will submit a ticket you guys think its a good idea but i know thy a a few builds ahead