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By Wx16
gokinmen wrote:here's a commonly asked question, but I don't have the answer which generation are the moves which pokemon learn upon leveling up based?

Level up learnsets and TMs are based on Generation 5.

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By Foquine
#65263 Is there any way to trade in single-player yet?

(Also Mr.M, I PM'd ZeeCount but didn't have any answer. I hope I didn't annoy him by asking this...)
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Ezila01 wrote:How do I use a TM?

send out the pokemon and right click it with the tm in your hand, you cant do this if the pokemon cant learn that move
By swiftypfg
#84878 i have a situation, i ddint download 1.6.4 when it was out, andi dont know how do download it for 2.5.1 pixelmon, i tried the minecraft forums, but i couldnt get any help. Thankyou!
By pacmanfire
#91470 I have a question, I can make forge work, but When I try downloading pixelmon 2.5.4 it just downloads for a couple seconds to only 2.5 MB then it "finishes." Can someone help me to make it work so it doesn't stop downloading?
By swiftypfg
#92183 hello, i am swiftypfg and i have a problem. Everytime i try to log on to pixelmon it always crashes i thought it was the forge but it wasnt. i dont know what to do plz help me thankyou