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KuryoZT wrote:
Ashadia wrote:I turned off my Eevee's leveling at level 14 so that I could evolve it into an Espeon, but the happiness wont go up any further. Is there a way to increases happiness besides leveling or no?

Also, do nature's have any effect in this mod? or are they just pretty words?

1st. walking with it is for now the only other way.
2nd. SPG answered you, the easiest is to look up an online pokedex where they explain the strategy of the games. Serebii is the only english-speaking site of this sort that I know of, so you can start by googling that.

smogon is a better website to use for any type of competitive play

By Evilshallwin
pickleman011 wrote:
MrMasochism wrote:edit the spawn settings under general in your pixelmon.cfg (.minecraft/config)

the only thing in my cfg is the item ids

You didn't look hard enough >.>
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By KuryoZT
cha0t1ck1ng wrote:so ive got a question is there a forum for how to make pokemon for the mod i would love to help

If you accept using Techne, then here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1485
But if you want to try out some .obj program, then there's nothing here yet.
But youtube or google, blender or maya, and it should be easy to find.
Good luck.
By CrimsonTornado
#54007 Will there be more npcs? I.e. Gym leaders in single player? I'd really love to have that, maybe find them in a village or a generated town, I have an idea for a town which I've made in single player by the way.
By SmilePyrVulpi
#54032 Is there an option to turn the Pokémon spawns completely off? When the normal mobs are turned on in normal mode, can the hostile mobs permanently kill my owned Pokémon, or do they just faint, or not take any damage at all? With the hostiles on in normal mode, can my owned Pokémon kill the hostile mobs? Do the hostile mobs go after the Pokémon? I would love to know this, because then I won't have to worry much about dying, and so I can act like it is a vanilla with bodyguards.