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By Fhap
#187520 Heya, I'm new here so still not quite sure how everything works, but yeah,
laptop over-heat midplay of the game, turn the game back on, my whole team is gone on my single player map. I have all of the items etc but no pokemon, I tried making a pc to see maybe they got sent there, but it's empty aswell. I tried catching some low levels with just throwing ultra balls at them, just to see if it fixes the issue, but even when I catch a new pokemon it doesn't appear on my team or anything. I then logged onto the mrs world, and hers seem to be working just fine. Just wondering if anyone's had this problem or any idea if it's possible to resolve it, it's quite a bummer to lose a team like that and have the world basically unplayable for the mod itself.

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By MrMasochism
#187524 sounds like the save got corrupted. That's quite hard to have happen, your game must have crashed mid-write. You can uncorrupt it by going to your save folder, finding the pokemon folder and deleting the .pk and .comp file. That will re-generate new empty pokemon and computer files for your save. Not much can be done about restoring them however, except using pokegive to give you new ones of the same pokemon. Check the wiki for info on that command
By Fhap
#187543 Yeah, that sounds about right, because I had my laptop over-heat once before, and right before it did it makes an auto-save in pokemon, because when I got back on it saved right before the laptop crash, I guess this time it didn't quite make it in time to save the game. Thanks for the help though :)