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By ZomBrony
#187496 Yes, I saw the big blue notice saying "no bug reports" here. But that's the thing, this isn't a bug report. That's actually the reason I'm posting here; to see if there's already a solution before I do make a bug report. I've even sent a Support Ticket, but I wanted to post it somewhere on the forums for more reliable feedback.

I'm using a crystal hammer and I've read that different hammers have different speeds, but even so I think this is ridiculous. I've played other versions of Pixelmon before and I know it isn't right.

I should also probably say that I did a lot of messing around in the config, including some settings about the anvil that I can't remember very well. I think it was just the autoreload one, could that be the problem?

But anyway, as I said. I think it's taking too long. I timed it on my phone and it took me 35 seconds to make one lid. Also, the sound is not consistent. It took about 10 seconds between hits each time.

I didn't want to make this a bug report yet, because I wanted to see if anyone else was having this problem.