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By SpaceKitkat
#186922 1. I don't see a search function for the forums.. anywhere. Is there one?

2. The discord link says "The instant invite is invalid or has expired."...?halp

3.(And the main question) Is there a way to get Optifine Pixpack working with the 4.3.0 or 5.0.0 beta 9 versions? I'm very ignorant when it comes to anything relating to minecraft and pixelmon's launcher.

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By MoeBoy76
#186934 1. the little lightbulb at the top of the page

2. is a permanent one, if that doesn't work then you are banned from the Discord

3. you just need to swap the Pixelmon version to get 4.3.0 working with the pack and you would need to start from scratch and get a 1.10.2 version of Optifine
By SpaceKitkat
#186942 Thanks, didn't see that.
That link works, I suppose I'd used the wrong link. (I used the one that says "Connect" in the little discord preview window on the right)

Would you mind explaining a more detailed instruction for doing that? as I said, I'm incredibly ignorant when it comes to Minecraft and Pixelmon, I've only had them both for a couple days.