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By karnalsyn
#186877 So after watching the Lets Play video by the Rooster Teeth crew, I'm very interested in trying out this mod.

Had a couple questions tho....

1 - I host a vanilla server for friends. Can I install this mod on my single player game and not impact the multiplayer server I host? They aren't as interested in checking this out as I am unfortunately

2 - Can you choose NOT to evolve our pokemon? For some sick reason I'm a huge fan of psyduck, always have been. And would love to keep him as psyduck and not evolve him. Is that possible?

Thanks all for any responses I get :D

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By Some Body
#186880 1. You'll need to make a different Minecraft profile for Pixelmon, and switch to your vanilla profile when you want to join your vanilla multiplayer server.
2. The evolution screen has a cancel button.
By Seekret1
#186896 I also just found Pixelmon because of Let's Play. I had another question as well.

When they play you can see the Pokemon names above the different wild pokemon. For example Lvl 10: Pidgey (wild). In my game none of the pokemon have names so for example when I come across a wild pokemon it just says lvl 10.

I've tried to change the view distance on the name tags, but it just makes it so that I can see the lvl 10 from further away. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I'm using the latest 4.3.0/5.0.0 beta 9 version with Minecraft 1.10.2.
By Krafters
#186943 in the profile area for the pokemon go into inventory, right click on the pokemon you want and then click summary there will be the image of pokemon above the name and rename part in the top right corner of the image there is a L click on it and click disable leveling

Edit: I misunderstood what you said