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By abyssdrgn
#186351 I've been quite stumped and unable to find the info I need to be able to login and actually use the pixelmon launcher. I input my account info and each time I do it brings up an error about some DLL file not being found. I can't provide the full file name as I can't adjust the box size to see it. I'm operating on Windows 7 and I'm not sure if it's got something to do with that but from what I've been able to locate about the file I'm unsure whether I will actually be able to use the launcher or not.

A little help would be amazing, thanks.

By jalopenosjon
MoeBoy76 wrote:read this wiki page ... n_launcher

This page doesn't help because the launcher doesn't crash. When it starts up there is a pop-up box over it that asks you(me) to sign into my Mojang account. I have verified that my information is correct, but every time I try to sign in an error message comes up at the bottom of the pop-up box that reads "Login failed! Unable to load DLL 'api-ms-win-core-localization". There is more to the error message but it gets cut off and I cant read any more of it.