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By KuryoZT
#37212 Damn you SPG, ninja'd me :)

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By Shadowfox9356493
PixledGaming wrote:Sounds really really awesome, And i'm really existed about 2.2 :)
hehe, existed :lol: I'm so exited about 2.2 also.. I really really wanna see all the new eeveelutions.. but personally i like how the current umbreon is compared to the new one only because of one thing.. umbreon's ears in the new model are flat.. i'd rather them be like the current one.. but back on track.. im exited about 2.2 also and i can't wait for the other generations so i can get more of my favorites like quilava, houndour, scarmory from gen 2.. poocheyena and electrike, yeah that's about it from gen 3 :lol: and from gen 4 i cant wait for Leafeon, Glaceon, the shinx line, and heaps more :D
By Rudak
#42218 Amazing! Love the skeletical thing, i mean to see the actual battle display would make me feel inside nintendo 64 pokemon arena!
By bunnyman
#42430 I'd love to know if it was possible to work around Chickenbone's mods so that NEI can still work with Pixelmon. Many mods support NEI so that the recipes can be looked up. I'm just curious as to what part of the coding is getting in the way, and who's problem it is. That way you guys can work with Chickenbones to make the mods compatable! I really want to use the Wireless redstone and Ender Storage mods, but to use Pixelmon I'd have to delete them!