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By Pixelhouse
#185367 Hello i have multiple entities on my /spawns adminclaim like pc's and healers etc, and as admin i can use them but as a Default user i cannot, can someone let me know which flag it is, i tried doing primairy and secondairy entitie flags but still nothing.

I'm using
03.09 15:18:02 [Server] INFO Minecraft Forge:
03.09 15:18:02 [Server] INFO SpongeForge: 1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1653
03.09 15:18:02 [Server] INFO SpongeAPI: 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT-1f5dac2
03.09 15:18:02 [Server] INFO Minecraft: 1.8.9