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By TheOmniAdam
#185343 Hey guys- this is less of a bug or problem and more just me struggling to get a warp plate to do what I want.

Is there a way to get a warp plate to TP by reference to current location similar to minecraft commands using ~ in the coordinates? I'd like to build a gym with warp plates but I'd need the plates to warp by relative coordinate or else the second is spawns somewhere else all warp plates would break.

Example: /warpplate set ~-4 ~+4 ~ (Move 4 along the X coordinate, 4 Higher on the Y Coordinate but maintain the same Z coordinate). The example above or any assignment with the ~ in it gives an error but I was certain I heard somewhere you could make relative TP coordinates with a warp plate.

Thanks in advance

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By Jay113355
#185347 This would be a feature. And yes this is a good idea. Ill try to add it for the next version.
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By TheOmniAdam
#185378 Hi Jay!

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the confusion- totally thought this was implemented and just not documented. Trying to contribute to Gyms but warp plates won't work with hard coded destinations obviously.

Thanks again,