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Would you like to see this feature?

By Zen
#185301 Will there ever be visual effects for pokemon battles?

Like when raichu uses thunder against a seadra I would love to see a visual effect (not a minecraft thunder tho) or maybe when azumarill uses hydro pump against a charizard.

What I mean by visual effects is in two parts:

1- Visual effects for the moves.
2- Visual effect (animations) for pokemons using moves (and maybe sounds too) for example when pikachu uses thunderbolt it can have a animation of using it and may shout PIIII-KAAAAAA-CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (yes something like this).

I know this would take A LOT of work but even starting to add somewhere to some moves and some pokemon would make the experience and fun double.

Like not all at once but starting animations and move visual effect by maybe pokedex number and tm-hm number would be cool. Or maybe the most desired move visual effects and pokemon animations first.

I know there are still pokemons without good 3D models (not as good as others I mean) but I think people can help you add animations and visual effects as they help with 3D models (I guess there was a section in the forum idk devs actually use them tho) to lighten the work.

Thanks for reading.