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By ImDotttt
#185243 Hey, I have bean playing this mod for quite some time now. I just need to know, how to get myself a pokemon above level 100. Like on the current Pixelmon island series with JeromeASF in it. The admin on there had a level 1000 Mewtwo. Any help would be appreciated.

By ImDotttt
#185608 Yes, I understand that. But i've noticed in videos and on some servers. Some players have pokemon above level 100. I just wanted to know how.
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By ZabuzaMomochee
#185633 Would also like an answer to this. Wishing to have much more time with my Pokemon than just stopping at level 100, thinking about trying B to set the exp modifier to .2 or .1 to increase the time it takes to level n order to increase overall playtime (havnt tried this, idk if it works) but would prefer removing the overall level cap of 100.

Please respond with an answer if possible.
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By majesticmadman98
#186429 Hi, I created a feature request for this a little bit ago

If you want to see pokemon over level 100 then you can show your support on that thread so they can see whether it's worth implementing. The more support the more chance.