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By KotD94
#185054 Just wondering, will Shadow Pokemon ever going to be added? It could be a nice addition how be able to face them (and catch/snag them).

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By MoeBoy76
#185124 Yes, features from the Gamecube games will be added to a side-mod at some point in the future
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By nightforest
#185203 Ah awesome, I was just about to wonder or perhaps even suggest something like that if it hasnt been already owo. Does that include a system to steal Pokemon from randomly spawned NPC trainers? (npcs that have not been spawned with npc editor wand, unless checked a box for it) I mean it would be cool to be able to be either a hero and just steal shadow pokemon or a villain and steal all of them XD. Additionally since in Pixelmon there probably wont be that girl that can identify shadow Pokemon, I guess there will be some kind of holy goggles or something like this that while wearing it, all shadow Pokemon will have a dark aura around them? And yeah of course the important thing, to open the hearts of shadow Pokemon to free them again as well ^^.