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By PikachuPlaysBlockGam
#185049 Not a single one is EULA-Compliant. Looking through servers on the server list, all I see is ones where the shop offers kits that give hundreds of rare candies and legendaries and shinies and shiny legendaries of all things. You can basically buy yourself anything you could want in-game, leaving new players that don't want to spend a ton of money in the dust. There's no server that's just outright fair to players without much money, the gap between rich players and poor players is enormous. If that weren't enough, it appears ALL of them offer shiny starters now for some ridiculous reason, as if apparently they aren't supposed to be exciting and rare. I just don't really understand the purpose of most things these servers are doing, why are they just milking the most money out of players and no servers attempting to actually create a fun environment to play on. I haven't played a pixelmon server in a year or two, and I'm really disappointed with what I found. I plan to add pixelmon to my network and have now gotten to see there's no competition anywhere. You can't tell me I'm the only one upset about this, if Mojang saw the server list they'd shut down the whole thing for compromising the EULA. How are people ok with this?

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By majesticmadman98
#185386 In answer to the EULA, there are really two simple reasons:
1. They've never actually read/seen or been aware of the EULA.
2. Because there's no one enforcing it, meaning they can do it because it's low risk and high reward.

Reasons for Milking Money:
1. They need money
2. They put all of it back into the development of the server to help
3. Don't really care about fan environment and just want more money.

So as you probably know servers don't come free, the bigger they are the more expensive they get, plus to have all the bells and whistles adds more on top, so they need some sort of revenue. So in this day and age why spend physical money on making merch when you can program in game stuff that doesn't cost you an penny.

Aside from it being inbreach of EULA for me it's ok to charge for "utlities" such as poke-ultra balls (But not masterballs) because it doesn't tip the advantage(that much anyway).

And nope your not the only upset by this, but that's generally the culture we live in. With a good team you could make a good server and if you can sustain it and run it the way you want. Get a small fanbase and then build up from there
By AlyssaImagine
#185558 I tend to agree with you there. :P I have found only one decent server so far, but even then they are ever closer with their donator server and the perks that transfer to the free. The shiny starter thing is kinda iffy too, but at least you can't find starters in the wild so it does make it a little more difficult. :P But, it's still one of the only ones that look good, is actually a bit difficult, and doesn't have a rl shop that offers legendaries, shinies, different natures, ect. :P

It's pretty bad that you have to take over a hour trying to find a server that doesn't just throw things to you if you are willing to spend the money. :P I have money, I don't mind helping a server if I like it, but I'm not going to buy legendaries and participate in places that give them for money, either. I'd be more willing to pay for little things like more teleports (homes) and stuff like that, because I love to have too many houses. :P

I hate to see it at the state it is currently.
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By urbymine
#185596 I remember a pretty big discussion from about a year ago that covered this topic as well regarding "pay 2 win" servers.

Honestly i agree with your statement on all the weird decisions all servers seem to bandwagon on.
And as well as them completely breaking their server with these greedy donator options, what makes it worse is that regarding the EULA it's sorta understandable they don't care about it since it's not enforced. The main problem lies in them lowering their quality of their server , just so they could rip naive children off from their 100-200 dollars, that's inexcusable and just makes you look greedy to any sane person out there.
I know that servers can sustain themselves without these stupidly broken perks, i have seen and played a server live for over a year and a half with 120+ players at it's peak without a single perk for donation other than a "donator" prefix, just pure, unrewarded donations . and stayed financially healthy until the end (server died because of other reasons).
so don't argue they need the 200$ offers to sustain themselves, they don't need it. if i'd make a guess then i'd say they need those perks because they can't persuade their community to donate out of love for the server, but can only persuade them by throwing shinies at them.
Also with this topic you're instantly antagonizing 90% of the community which makes it all the more interesting.

by the way: i hope that server you're adding isn't adventure, else our upcoming server could be one hell of a competitor :).