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By Espada1
#19960 Okay so I've been contemplating how to make a map with "Gym leaders" and I've fooled around a bit with NBTedit. (I've become an expert at making custom trades with villagers.) I believe that I should be able to make a redstone/console command powered gym that spawns in the Leader. I was just wondering if it is possible to edit the pokemon that the trainers have, the levels of said pokemon, and if there is an actual command to spawn trainers in? I've been searching but can't seem to find one.

If interested in helping me in anyway just let me know and we can see about working on this little "project" of mine.

I don't want to give out any huge spoilers, but I'm making a large adventure map type of server that I will update frequently and be very active in.

I was inspired to take on this project after playing on the Alpine server for months without getting much of anywhere. The Gymleaders were never online and by the time they were, my pokemon were already level 50 across the board and I couldn't battle. With this server (which I really hope I can get finished and up and running) I plan to create an enviroment in which the players can constantly grow without being stalled by human resources not being avaliable.

By Vikerus
#20046 You can use nbtedit to change Pokemon variables if you want. Not sure about what you would need to do to make leaders that spawn a team.