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By cmb12
#184141 So i bred a sigilyph with a xatu to get psycho shift and stored power, when i hatched it only psycho shift was in his moveset. Do i have to lvl up the sigilyph to get stored power to show up or did something go wrong when breeding?

By cmb12
#184156 Well it was a level 1 natu and a level 1 sigilyph. Natu's moveset would have been peck and leer. The sigilyphs moveset would have been gust and miracle eye. The sigilyph was female and that's what I got and wanted out of the egg. But only had psycho shift and was supposed to have that and stored power but didn't. I've already taught the hatched sigilyph moves to fill the moveset slots up but there was no stored power on the sigilyph hatched
By cmb12
#184166 Well the parents were both at level 1 so they can't have any other moves besides their ones at hatch. I'll get on later this afternoon and tell you if it was any different
By cmb12
#184169 Ok but the natu didn't have psycho shift and it still passed down, I'll get my natu to learn those moves
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By Some Body
#184172 The Sigilyph parent can also pass it down if it already inherited the move (perhaps from the initial Xatu).