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By Joshhaslam
#183920 So I've just recently started playing pixelmon and only really know the generation 1 Pokemon so I need help picking my team. The current Pokemon I have are;
Aron level 28
Charizard level 40
Cubone level 28
Diglett level 19
Duosion level 37
Geodude level 23
Groudon level 70
Growlith level 7
Gyarados level 25
Heracross level 29
Ivysaur level 29
Koffing level 31
Magcargo level 51
Pikachu level 40
Poliwhirl level 31
Ponyta level 36
Raikou level 70
Serviper level 43
Venonat level 25
Vulpix level 15