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By hotburn101
#19521 I have seen a lot of pixelmon videos and I noticed a way to get pokemon that has to be stopped watch. your walking along all fine and dandy when you see... lets say a Pikachu now you only have low level water types so what do you do push Pikachu in a hole and fill the hole with water and wait till when it starts to drown. when it reaches low health you take the water back and catch the Pikachu. well cant there be a thing were pokemon actually FLOAT not sink like a rock :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

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By KuryoZT
#19526 Or maybe instead, since pixelmon, except water types, if they start to drown, they should start attacking close-up pokemon, since once in battle, they won't drown anymore.
Or something like that, but they used to float, like crazy, all
By Airfoil
#19636 Also keep in mind you can use Flint & Steel to do the same. Anything non-fire type will catch and begin taking damage.

I don't mind these "bugs" too much, however, because it gives you a fighting chance when your Pokemon are out of commission. I.E. Getting wool if you were ambushed by a level 45 Golbat and didn't get a chance to get shears or don't have a farm. Without a bed you won't be able to revive your Pokemon, and if you don't have a farm up and running already you will starve to death before the wheat can grow (assuming you don't find a Magikarp or something that mindlessly suffocates itself in a block).
Something else is it allows you to catch Pokemon when yours are notably stronger than your target without the risk of fainting it.

All in all I won't be mad if this is fixed, and I won't be mad if it's patched.
:idea: A good way of balancing this would to remove the option to throw Pokeballs outside of battle (with the obvious exception of Master Balls). You would HAVE to at least battle the Pokemon if you planned on catching it, and if you are struggling to survive you still have a chance.
By Airfoil
kungfumidget wrote:Yeah no they cant take out throwing pokeballs out of battle that would ruin stuff, besides the capture rate is way higher when you havent weakened it.

I had no idea. I always just battled what I had to capture because I assumed it worked analogous to the Pokemon games, and that weakening it increased the capture rate.

Also if you do fix this by making Pokemon float, you should make it vary by Pokemon. I.E. Graveler will obviously sink and swim slowly, Mareep will be able to swim faster or slower depending on if it has its wool to slow it down or not, ect.
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By KuryoZT
#19791 actually , I tried it, and you can capture dead pokemon with that techinque, which would mean a 100% chance to capture it, with good timing