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By Picka
#174978 Since I couldn't find any topic regarding this i decided to post here

I've been camping Mesa Bryce for a while now hoping to get a Registeel. Recently however, i was trying some things out so i upped the legendary spawn rates on SSP and noticed that Registeel does not spawn at all on versions 4.2.4 and 4.2.5. All other legends including the other 3 regi and other daw/dusk spawning legends seems to spawn normally except for registeel. I also asked a friend of mine to test it aswell and it never spawned for him as well.

Has anyone actually manage to make a registeel spawn on a mesa bryce on dusk/dawn legitimately?

By Picka
Some Body wrote:Registeel's spawn location is incorrect. This will be fixed in the next version.

By this do you mean that registeel spawns on another biome instead of mesa bryce or it just doesn't spawn at all?
By Picka
#175006 I see so there is not way of getting it to spawn legitimately.
Slightly off topic but if i make a spawner for registeel with the same spawn chance as normal legendary will it give a message that it spawned on the chat?