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By jpalves2601
#174354 i was watching an youtuber serie that he WAS a pokemon and he could play morphed into it on pixelmon and idk how to transform into a pokemon so i can't make my serie can anyone help me to learn it to my serie and rec to my channel and if i need some other mod :-D

By jpalves2601
#174451 nop i am watching an brazilian youtuber that his serie is morphed into a charmander and his friends chikrita squirtle but idk how to transform in it if i need More Player models and config it, morph or other mod
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By aideed
#174831 Hey there I read your post what your looking for is the server sided mod

Pixelmon disguises

What it allows you to do is turn into a Pokemon using the command

/pokedisguise (Pokemon)
/pokedisguise again to change back

The reason I know this is because I have the mod myself on my server feel free to come check us out!

If you want to know more pm me I'll gladly answer any more questions you may have.