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By BunsenGyro
#174094 Err, problem. Although the server HAS been working well for 2 days (and it's been turned off when not in use), for some reason it seems to be crashing because something causes a tick to last over 1 minute sometimes, requiring the server to be restarted. This has only been happening since last night, often minutes after I try to start again. Is using external moves like Rock Smash some sort of trigger? It seems this happens after I use it.
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By BunsenGyro
#174129 Are you sure? This is the version of forge that the downloads page on this site recommended. Plus I'd either have to employ masterful replacement of files correctly, or start totally fresh on the server's files. And I already worked so hard on this world...
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By Ayyavazi
#174141 Hello again Bunsen,

I never use external moves (except for gather, rarely) so I never ran into this problem. However, I suspect that updating the forge version will wor,k, as SnowBlitzz and MoeBoy suggested. You get to keep your world and everything else.

See, forge updates to fix errors with its own code, but maintains compatibility with pixelmon so long as the minecraft version remains the same. So the newest 1.8.9 forge version (1.8.9 - will work with the newest version of pixelmon (4.2.5).

Also, MoeBoy is right, you don't need to do a huge file replacement or anything. The first time you ran forge on your server it did everything you needed. Now, you just do what you did when you installed forge the first time:

You download the server version and dump the files somewhere you can easily access. You change the forge jar to custom18.jar, and replace only that file on the server. You should also update your personal (non-server version) to the newest forge. Even if you don't update the server, its still compatible.

If this doesn't fix your issue, I'd repost here, but I won't be able to help since I never experienced this problem. Good luck!