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#173338 Hi everyone! Can you please add more Pokemon boxes in the PC so players can store more Pokemon in the new update? If a player is trying to collect every single Pokemon for collection then soon a whole PC space will not be enough to store all the Pokemon. New Pokemon are released with almost every Pixelmon update and soon I wont have any more room to store them.

Btw, I use 1 PC box for an Unnown collection and another one for my shinies. All the other boxes are used for all the individual Pokemon. If more Pokemon are released I have to say buy buy to either my Unnown collection or the Shinies. Please add more boxes to PCs!!!!!


#173353 I see! I prefer not to make changes in the config file though, I want to play the game with the default settings of the official release. I hope the PC space will be officially increased in a new update, so I wont have to change anything in the config!

Thank you!
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By MoeBoy76
#173363 That's completely ridiculous, the default PC size in games is 16 and you want us to up the default just cos you dont want to change a number in a file?
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By Some Body
#173364 While Moe isn't exactly correct about the box limit (Gen V has a 24-box maximum), there's currently enough space to fit all available Pokémon in Pixelmon in the default PC size with some space to spare for Unown forms and other duplicates. The Shiny argument isn't exactly valid either, as the games don't give you enough space to hold all Shiny + regular-colored Pokémon (barring external storages like Pokémon Box or Pokémon Bank). The default will be increased if it becomes insufficient, but right now it is perfectly fine where it is. If you want to hoard, you can increase the box quantity yourself.
#173394 [code][/code]Yes, that's exactly the case.

"The default will be increased if it becomes insufficient..."

This is what I wanted to know! Thanks!
#174275 So, while waiting for more PC Pokemon slots to fit all my caught Pokemon I thought I can place some Pokemon into Cherish Balls and have them stored there, but there seems to have a bug and you lose your Pokemon. After placing a Pokemon into a Cherish ball and I reconnect in the server, then when I try to take back my Pokemon, the Cherish Ball disappears and it shows these messages:
You found one!
An error was caused by null owner.

Then nothing happens and the Pokemon inside disappears. Also, I tied to take back some Pokemon I placed in Cherish Balls days before and it showed this:
You found an empty :(

Can you please fix this Cherish Ball bug so at least people can have also that option of storing Pokemon?