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By xChristopher
#164017 Hello, I know that y'all just came with a new huge update.. In my opinion new things mean new bugs. I have one bug I recently sent out and I did get a response from it. I was wondering when an update can come out to fix all these bugs? I know other people have been dying for them. So have I. My apologies if this is sounding off like i'm rushing you but it is kind of needed. Any round of date when 4.1.1 should come out to fix bugs?

Thanks for your time into reading this post!
~ xChristopher

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By VinceOrlando
#164043 It comes out when it is ready. Threads like this won't speed up anything. There has never been an eta on any release.
By imaapseudonym
#164045 Exactly what Vince said. The developers all have lives outside of Pixelmon and finding each and every bug and then fixing it takes time. Just be patient and enjoy the mod!