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By Harst
#163920 Hi guys.
I'm on my first game on Pixelmon (I'm on MC 1.8 and Pixelmon 4.1.0. I pick one external mod Xaero's Minimap).
I was trying to get a bit of automation for pokeball crafting. So I put a furnace filled up by a chest of Apricorn and i tried with hoppers to put discs into a mechanical anvil. But i have been quite surprised to discover that i can put the hopper anywhere i want, there is no way it transfers to the anvil's upper slot. I was expecting the same working as vanilla furnace, fuel on the side, input on top, output from the bottom. So output and fuel were easy to find but how to put in discs in the anvil??

By the way, i caught some moomoo and mareep to make whool and milk farm... but surprisingly there is no way to milk moomoo or shearing a mareep if there are in a ranch... so how can it be a ranch if it's not for animal exploitation?

There should a logic around those things, but i have to admit i don't understand which one...

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By clienthax
Harst wrote:I'm gonna try again and screen shot for you but i'm pretty sure i tried everything

This works
Coal in left, discs in right
output bottom
By Harst
#163934 So by the test i've done, if i insert to any side of the top cube, the anvil won't accept any entry. But on the bottom cube, it put automaticcally in the right slot. I would never have expected something like that.
Shouldn't this information be in the wiki for the mechanical anvil?

PS : What about the ranch and the harvestable pokemon?
By Harst
#163999 Is there in the future an ideau to create a block like the ranch block but for harvesting? I'm pretty sure many people would use it, since we need some materials like whool, eggs, cobble, stone, string and we can expect some of the pokemons to produce it, like mareep, pidgey, beedle, or to work for us like a machop?
We can imagine something like we have to put in 1 stack for the asked item first in it, so we don't have a block too much unbalanced, and to let us focus on our quest : BECOMING THE GREAT POKEMON MASTER!

Thank you for the addition in the wiki
But as said by clienthax, there are no specific slot. You can put either fuel or discs on any side, it just have to be on the anvil's lowerblock. And it selects by itself where to put the item you insert.
As an exemple, I made a structure with discs inserted by the back face, and the fuel by the right face.