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By Gershon
#163899 I have a whole bunch of users complaining about this recent version "lagging" while me and other staff have not experienced this at all. Even though this version is supposed to be fixing bugs of the previous, can I get a technical explanation why it wouldn't lag because my reasoning does not go through them.

Some of the points they are using:
- "Laggier" than ever
- Old moves are broken
- Pokemon names are bugged
- Abilities bugged
- Berries bugged
- Trouble removing ranch blocks and pokemon locking in the PC

By Ganman3
#163901 If you're meaning the latest version (4.1.0), it is in beta, meaning there are still tweaks that could be made.

If they have actual complaints, you ought to ask them for specific bugs. When does it happen? What moves? What berries? Under what circumstances?

All of these factors have almost infinite variables, and narrowing them down is important.
Especially lag. If you're not experiencing lag, but they are, then it's probably on their end.

Ask them how much memory they give to Pixelmon on startup (default is 1g, which can cause problems). Consider that it could be a simple matter of their distance from your server.

But to address your issue, I have not experienced any serious issues with Pixelmon's latest update. It fixed more problems than it caused.