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By bhoqure
#163897 I have noticed that when i have been trying to update to 1.8 with my server, that all the ids are mismatched. Although i can say that i was also using custom npcs beta as well. But some of the pixelmon items like the pc disappeared and went complete invisible and when i try to place one i can't. I also cannot walk through anything that went invisible either and i cannot place any of the new doors without half of it going invisible and when i try to use them like open they disappear entirely and become like the pcs are where i cannot walk where they disappeared. I do not know if the ids for certain things have changed but i believe that is what it is and i do not no how to fix... I've been trying to mcedit everything but it has been 4 days and still not everything is gone that has changed ids. Takes 20 minutes per 1 item and i believe there is over 100 items that changed...