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By Phanatos
#163883 I'm sorry to bring up a topic thats previously been locked, but I think some positive suggestions from the community are needed at the moment.

Is there any way to ban specific IPs? I don't know if this is possible, but maybe even just usernames or UUIDs of the managers or owners of the servers they own. Hard to maintain order if there staff are perma banned from the mod. Issue an ultimatum, maybe offer some sort of collateral so its not an all or nothing deal to persuade the owners of the modpack that this will be for their best interest - (This avoids the largescale swing at the pixelmon community while still fighting the modpack) Maybe make it so with the mod installed, those people can't play ANY minecraft server (again, not sure if these ideas are possible)

If none of the above are possible, maybe create some sort of sanctioned technic pack system where the owners of packs can make their packs official with some sort of reward for a set income each month? Like a convenience fee. Helps you guys out, might be harder to push for but possible.

Any thoughts on these? Like, are these things even possible?

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By MoeBoy76
#163884 The underlying problem to what happened is why we aren't open-source anymore, server owners (not all of them) don't care about the community, they just want to make some money, or at least that's how it seems to me

EDIT: whoops, missed my point
Anything we do can be undone by any server owner that has a decent dev, just like with the current technic prevention