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By pokken
#161542 I currently have Pixelmon 4.0.7 for 1.8 and the sidemods GTS-Universal, IVsEVs, and WonderTrade. I read on the wiki that these sidemods are compatible with 1.8/Pixelmon 4.0 but I cant seem to find the .cfg for them in the "config" folder for .minecraft and the commands dont even work. I dont seem to see the downloads for a 1.8 version for these sidemods on the wiki. Is the wiki wrong? I'm not entirely sure. Any sort of help for this issue would be great!

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By Some Body
#161548 The instructions were written under the assumption that the mods would be made available on the downloads page within a reasonable amount of time, but this has not been the case. What you can do is follow a similar procedure to the installation of Gameshark.

GTS is not compatible with 4.0.7, and the wiki does not claim this.