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By PigLover1202
#161251 Hello my fellow Piggy's! Today I wanna talk a little bit about the Poke Poll. So Gengar and Electabuzz won,but did they really? We were shown pictures of Ekans,Arbok,Scyther,and Pinsir,which leads me to believe that we wont just be getting Gengar and Electabuzz. This may contribute to the fact that 4.0.8 probably wont be coming out this month. Another reason is the new Pixelmon Towns,but that's out of the subject. 4.0.8 could be adding the Pokémon in the Top 3 of the Poke Poll. If this is true,then I would be so hyped for 4.0.8. That's all for today,Piggy Out!

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By ShinyKeldeo
#161269 ... You Serious? We Had Three votes each you know right?