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By archainis
#161159 First off, I wanted to thank everyone involved for making this mod, it's been lots of fun already! I had a few questions about the ToS though.

First, there is the clause about not putting pixelmon in a modpack. Is this about playing the mod with other mods or distribution? One project I've been working on is getting a modded server set up and I wanted to include pixelmon in those mods. If I refer my users here to download the mod, that's ok even though it's going to be played alongside other mods, right?

Further, would using Minetweaker/Modtweaker to mess with recipes (balance them relative to other content, make recipes for items that didn't already have one, etc) breach the "no modifications" clause?

Lastly, do I need to ask permission to live stream the content?

Thanks again for all the hard work being put into this mod.

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By MoeBoy76
#161162 i will separate your questions numerically for sanity reasons

1) as long as Pixelmon is not included in the downloaded pack it is fine, we want ALL users of Pixelmon to come here to a) get correct info, and b) report any issues to us so we can fix them

2) i believe that clause is about actually modifying the Pixelmon.jar itself, so stuff done by other mods aren't really an issue

3) no, if you look in the news forum or scroll through the twitter feed you will notice that we love streamers
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