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By gramkraker123445
#161080 Well first lets start off easy, and ask why you guys decided to make Rayquaza stiff? He looked way better when his whole body moved he was actually fun. Now he's boring and just sits and his body doesn't move he looks paralyzed....why? Next where is the "Creation trio" there are models out there how come they haven't been implemented yet? Now i'll admit I have no clue what goes on behind the scenes or how hard it is to do this so i'm not gonna be that person to say "It must be easy" because honestly I highly doubt it is. Just wanted to know why Rayquaza got paralyzed and the "Creation trio" aren't around yet.

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By MrMasochism
#161089 Rayquaza was "frozen" due to the moving of him from object model to smd. We don't have enough animators to animate everything so I decided we'd put him through like this just so people wouldn't end up losing the pokemon if they had him in their party already.

Feel free to learn how to animate and help contribute to the project!