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By dx2
#161024 Hi guys,

Maybe I'm just really dumb :(

But is PixilUtilities fully integrated into 4.0.x? Our server world currently doesn't spawn any pixelutilities specific ores (ruby crystal sapphire etc) but the movetutors still ask for them in trades, I noticed in the pixelutilities mod cfg you can set the ore generation and tall grass generation options, but not in 4.0.x.

Will these features eventually be included in future updates or am I doing something horribly wrong :X

Thanks <3

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By Some Body
#161025 It was discovered that PU gems were not generating correctly. No word on whether they've been fixed yet.

Due to move tutors requiring them, I've taken a suggestion and added the gems to certain Pokémon drops in the next Pixelmon version.
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By MoeBoy76
#161029 it is working fine in 4.0.7 but not the way i want, grass spawning is on my todo list but will take some time since Forge changed some stuff in 1.8 so i have to start from scratch
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By dx2
#161035 Wait, if it's working are there specific settings I need to play with to get the ores? We've tried worldgenning a bunch and flying around in spec and never been able to find any :(