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By Anosaki
#159836 I updated pixelmon after not playing for a long time, to 4.0.7. When I ran the game, it had an insane amount of lag, making it completely unplayable. I closed it and ran normal minecraft and it ran perfect. Totally smooth, no issues. I reinstalled minecraft and the pixelmon launcher. Now when I try to launch it it says it cant create the java virtual machine and that I don't have enough memory. What is causing this? What can fix it? Please help.
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By MoeBoy76
Anosaki wrote:Chrome may eat alot of memory, but my computer has more than enough to spare. RIght now I'm trying a completely clean install of minecraft and pixelmon

is your system 32 or 64 bit? and which version of Java do you have (ie 32/64 again)? if the answer is 32-bit/x86 then the maximum RAM you can allocate is 1G or 1024M