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By Wesenslayer789
#159491 Hi,
i am new to the pixelmon community and was wondering if there were free servers to play on and was wondering the names of the servers. If some could put a few up that would be great:)!

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By dyinghere
#159530 There are a lot of servers, actually! The site has a forum section just for them.

Most give a little info in the thread title, so if you know what you're looking for, it's a big help! Otherwise just browse away. Good luck!
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By urbymine
#159531 I guess i'l post it here since we are not posted on the forum just yet, but we are currently working on a server, it's not entirely finished yet but we are slowly getting done with the essentials. if you're willing to be patiënt with us until our server is released, you could join in on a server from the start, which might apeall to you. i'l leave our forum link in case you wish to go take a look at it.