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By gizzy14gazza
#16121 Hello, sorry I am unsure if there is already a topic open about this but is there any cinema4d files of pixelmons?

I use cinema4d for thumbnails and for animations and was interested in getting some cinema4d files of some pixelmon mobs, preferably Pikachu would be ideal.

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By Rados
#16177 No, it doesn't work as of right now, might work in the future, but theres no way of animating models from other modelling programs other than Techne
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By MrMasochism
#16182 he's wanting to work the other way around rados he wants to be able to use pixelmon's models in another program. But no, we don't have a set of those
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Buildingchris wrote:Hey there Guys :) I got some Models from a good french designer ^^ I got butterfree ,charmander,vulpix,pokeball,fisherman and a aprikoko tree ;D When somebody is intrested in PN me :)

we cant use them unless they are made in techne and it is apricorn