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By Mystara
#152699 I've seen a lot of bug reports that get tagged as "Awaiting Information". This is usually because a general description of the problem isn't enough to help identify the actual cause of the bug. In an effort to help other users, here is a common bug reporting system used in the professional gaming industry.

Subject: A quick summary of the bug. The subject helps the developers to better track the issue as well as to find duplicates of existing issues.
Good Examples: (Not real bugs)
Throwing a Pokeball into a water source block changes it into a pumpkin.
Shift right clicking on an anvil causes the game to crash.

Bad Examples:
This is broken!
Someone has to fix this now!

Message Body: This is where you give step by step instructions on how you discovered the bug. Be as precise as possible. Do not skip steps you feel may be "obvious". Remember, the you way do something may be different than the way someone else does. Using a numbered list helps.

Example using the bug "Shift right clicking on an anvil causes the game to crash."

1. Place an aluminum plate on the anvil.
2. Using the hammer, hold the left mouse button until the plate updates twice but does not finish.
3. With an empty hand, shift right click the anvil.

After your steps are in place, it's often helpful to provide expected vs. actual results. This helps the developers to better understand why you think this is a bug, and what may be causing the unexpected behavior. This can be written similar to this:

Expected: Partially finished aluminum plate is removed from anvil and is added to the player's inventory.
Actual: Game freezes for a moment then crashes to desktop.

In the case of graphical bugs or crashes, be sure to attach images or crash logs as needed.

  • When submitting a bug, try not to put in opinionated information. I know it is frustrating and often you are upset at the time. The truth is, how it made you feel doesn't really help the developers fix the bug. The more unrelated information included in the report often just causes confusion.
  • Be specific when reporting your steps. There is a difference between a crash to desktop vs. a crash to the title screen.
  • After posting your bug, follow up with it for the next couple of days. The developers are often quite busy and may not be able to get to your issue for some time, so at the very least; check back to see if your issue was updated or needs more information. It's not uncommon for a player to submit and forget a bug that never gets resolved because they did not follow it up.
  • Don't submit non critical issues that happened to you once. Asking other players if they have experienced a similar issue may sometimes provide additional information. If no one else has experienced this issue, or you cannot reliably recreate the bug; hold off on reporting it until you have more information. Chances are the developers also will not be able to recreate the bug.

Fixing bugs is a balance of time and priority. While everyone wants their game to be flawless, things do occasionally get pushed to the wayside because they are not impacting enough to fix. Have patience with the developers, and be as helpful as you can. This often speeds up the process for everyone.