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By weezact7
#152687 Seriously, I saw the news post but haven't seen a list or any further news. Are they still in development or were they abandoned?

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By MoeBoy76
#152689 i should probably bump my thread but apart from them and prodkid's server pack there aren't any other i know of which is just cos nobody has made any, they work fine and are in no way abandoned, there is no real point to having an official pixpack
By Megit
#152691 Pix Packs are indeed not dead, we have one for Pokeballers for once, it can be seen here.
So as MoeBoy mentioned, they have been developed already, but they aren't really advertised officially on the Pixelmon Mod website.
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By MrMasochism
#152720 The download area is being restructured as we speak as a new version of the installer is coming which has a number of improvements. We're planning to build a section where people can list their pixpacks.