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By slsteal
#152366 I am not sure if this is the right section of the forum for it but I am using BossShop and it takes a long time doing /iteminfo to make the shops so I was wondering if it works with the ones like Bauxite where i can do /give .. bauxite because so far i have been doing things lie 4301 which is just one of the tms i dont know which so if i cant use the other form of ids is there a way to get the other ids

By slsteal
#152384 yes i was asking if those worked in bossshop and if they didnt could i have the other ids
By slsteal
#152385 So I actually just tested those IDs do not work with Gym Management or BossShop but thats okay cause in the last hour or so ive dont /iteminfo and gained almost every id and the ones that just continue in order i just made it do = d+1 in spreadsheets to save me time i mean i know you guys dont want to release it but its not hard to obtain it just takes a little time and some plugins dont work with things like item.Basic_Badge so it would be convenient if both ids were listed just to make it a little easier on the players
By Megit
#152413 The thing is, from Minecraft 1.8 and forward, item IDs will only be like the ones listed on that page, item IDs like 1 for a Stone block will no longer be used.
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By Some Body
#152430 "As the numerical IDs of items are dynamically assigned by Forge and can differ, they will not be listed here."

Read before asking for something that's impossible to fulfill.