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By aidanq687
#152139 Which Forge do i use with Pixelmon Installer 4.0.0?

By aidanq687
#152140 I am running the Launcher and when i drag in my forge it says it's incompatible...
By Megit
#152148 As you can see on the "Downloads" page, this is what you need;
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#152156 >.> the pixelmon download page links you to the correct forge if you click the forge number...
not even sure why you're asking this question, its literally right there when you download the mod
By aidanq687
#152158 I have the forge when i drag it in it says uncompatible with pixelmon
By Megit
#152159 What version of Forge and what version of Pixelmon are you trying to use together?
By aidanq687
#152161 forge-1.8- with Pixelmon-1.8-4.0.0-universal.jar
By Megit
#152170 Go to -> downloads.php <-
And under "Forge Links" click on "", that would be the right one.
Or download Pixelmon 4.0.1, as that will work with the Forge you have.