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By Whyyoutaken
#152056 Hi,
I was wondering if there was any way to get a Cloyster which had learnt Toxic Spikes using no commands. To go one step further, is there a way to legitimately get T-Spikes and Shell Smash on the same pokemon?
This is on the 3.4 version.

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By Some Body
#152059 Normally there would be a way, but there is a bug in 3.4 where Pokémon won't learn level up moves by evolution at level 1. This is fixed in 4.0.

Once this is fixed, it is possible to breed a Shellder from two parents that know Shell Smash, resulting in a level 1 Shellder with Shell Smash that can subsequently be evolved immediately to pick up Toxic Spikes. This can be extended any other desired level up moves from Shellder like Icicle Spear.