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By Kamkari
#151863 Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place.

I'm looking for a few people to help with the development and creation of a Pixelmon server. There are currently two of us working on and off with a custom world we designed. We are currently looking to find up to four people to assist us with this server. The more of the following categories you are able to assist in the more likely you will be selected. The server is currently being run via hamachi.

Firstly we need people(s) who will help design and create multiple house layouts with a 'Pokemon'-esque feel to them. We want to world to feel like another iteration of Pokemon, not just a big map with random towns. We want areas that attract players and leave an impression on them (Think Lavender Town, Goldenrod City). We'll let you go nuts with chisel blocks. BONUS: you aren't spatially impaired and can be trusted decorating the interior of a house.

We need people(s) who enjoy making puzzles. We're going to need some redstone puzzles and mazes in our evil headquarters!

If you posses IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE of Customnpc and understand how to string-quests and are all around good with the mod we need your help. As much as I'd love to make every quest and write all the dialog it'd be nice to have someone to split the tedious task with.

Worldedit knowledge is nice but if you don't know how to use it well we can easily teach you.

Here's an image of the world we will be working with Image

Please apply with the following format

Location: (We need to know your timezone and availability)
Position: (One you're applying for, Puzzlemaker, Builder, Quester)
Relevant Skills:
Raidcall: (We use raidcall for communication and it is highly recommended)

I will contact you via pm with more information.