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By subeencox
#149968 Guys do you think it's time for the developers to make Pixelmon X and Y? because the most exited thing about X and Y is the mega form, wouldn't it be so cool if developer make Pixelmon X and Y?.
If you do want PIxelmon X and Y than tweet/msg the developer to make one, because all of us probably love mega/super form for the pokemons ;o
By TheGameAce
#149971 SPG has posted so many times, as well as many other people... Due to any possible copyright issues, (although I'm still baffled as to why there is fear of copyright since there are many other games such as Pokemon Showdown that include Gen 6 through ORAS) they have said many times, they will not be doing anything generation 6, until generation 7 releases. Perfectly understandable, considering if I made a massive mod like this, I wouldn't want it deleted with my butt being sued because of copyright issues.
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By vPzQuigleyx
#149972 We won't be working on Gen 6 Pokemon until GameFreak release Gen 7. You can tweet all you want, but that's the way it is and it'll stay that way :). We've not even finished Gen 3-5 anyway, be more excited about the Pokemon from those Gens that are coming soon.
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#149975 i wouldnt even worry about it until gen 3-5 is done like quig said. When gen 7 comes out and we (assumably) finish gen 6 we'll model gen 7 and may add them at that point, no promises