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By Jond22
#149383 In the first beta for Pixelmon 4.0, I was using the /entitydata command to gather some info on trainers, and then spawn them elsewhere using /summon pixelmon.Trainer. One of the tags I found while looking at a trainer's data tags were:


I was wondering if anyone had experience in using these, as it would be really really helpful for some adventure map ideas I have in mind.

I've tried versions like the ones below, but none seem to work. Any ideas?

Commands:{winCommands:[{Command:"say WIN"}],loseCommands:[{Command:"say LOSE"}],
Commands:{winCommands:[{"say WIN"}],loseCommands:[{"say LOSE"}],
Commands:{winCommands:[{"/say WIN"}],loseCommands:[{"/say LOSE"}],
Commands:{winCommands:[{/say WIN}],loseCommands:[{/say LOSE}],